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All our instructors are Black Belt Dan-grades and have coaching qualifications accredited by the UK governing body of Aikido, the British Aikido Board, as well as being approved to teach by the Principal of Lancashire Aikikai.


They have received grade accreditation both from Lancashire Aikikai and from Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, the world headquarters of aikido.


Christine Shepherd 4th Dan

I began training in Aikido in 1983 and, after some breaks to have a family, was awarded 1st Dan in 1995 by the late Marion Mucha Sensei. My 2nd Dan (2000), 3rd Dan (2004) and 4th Dan (2014) were awarded by Bob Spence Sensei who succeeded Mr Mucha as Principal of Lancashire Aikikai. I hold the BAB (British Aikido Board) Coach Level Two Award.


In teaching aikido, I aim to share the enjoyment and exhilaration that comes from its combination of physical and mental exertion.



Chris Wallace 4th Dan

After a brief introduction to Judo in my late teens I began Shotokan Karate training in 1975 under the direction of Kowaswe Sensei. Deviating for a couple of years to study both Wadoryu and Shukakai, I returned to Shotokan and took my 1st Dan (1989) under Kato Sensei.

I am also a qualified Instructor in the Russian Martial Art of Systema, under Vladimir Vasiliev.


I started my Aikido training in 1990 with Andrew Baird Sensei in Altrincham and was awarded 1st Dan in 1997 by the late Marion Mucha Sensei. My 2nd Dan (2000), 3rd Dan (2004) and 4th Dan (2014) were awarded by Bob Spence Sensei. I hold the BAB Coach Level 2 award.


I am now fortunate to be in a position to pass this on the benefits of this powerful, dynamic and yet graceful Martial Art to others through my teaching .



Wendy Wallace 3rd Dan

I first started martial arts training with Wadaroo, then Shotokan karate. Over the next few years I had several breaks in training, and attained 4th kyu.


Over the next few years, the rest of my family became involved with Aikido and did their best to entice me onto the mat. I watched a few times but felt that Aikido was beyond me, especially the break falls. They would have none of it and badgered me relentlessly. Eventually, I decided the best way get them to stop was to try a 6 week beginners course, what did I have to lose? I have never looked back.


I was awarded 1st Dan in 2002, 2nd Dan in 2012 by Bob Spence Sensei and 3rd Dan in 2019 by Mimuro Sensei. I have had a few breaks in training for orthopaedic surgery but still train and teach regularly at Marple. I no longer take breakfalls but am able to help and encourage students along their paths in Aikido.

I hold the BAB Coach Level 2 award.


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Neil Wright 3rd Dan

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